Lazy Saturday

Hi All! I hope you are enjoying your weekend in whatever way that may be!

Might as well start with the weekend-oats!
Saturday Oats consisted of the regular mix + yogurt and banana on top:

This morning’s (Sunday) oats consisted of the normal mix + strawberries and yogurt! YUM!

Saturday for me, was pretty dull I have to say – I like to say it was my Lazy Sunday – only it was Saturday. I coffee-shop hopped for the afternoon trying to work on my blog and resume (UGH!) … this included three separate coffee shops! I started at one and the internet was not good – so i ventured to the place where Faith was set up and snacked on a muffin (FAIL) and coffee before coming home to make myself lunch (money saving)!

The salad mix consisted of spinach, mushrooms, tomato, green peppers, goat cheese and a few squirts of feta oregano dressing! I also had a few ryvita crackers on the side as well.

I then ventured down to 49th Parallel to work on my resume and have a real non-fat latte and ended up chatting to the guy who monitors their twitter account! Go social media :) Then I came home intending on doing Insanity 2.13 but I wasn’t feeling that well and decided to do it today (technically the day off) and make Saturday my day off.

This resulted in a whole lot of relaxing, cooking dinner and watching a movie with Faith = excellent!

Dinner consisted of an ensemble of foods if you will. I had spaghetti squash and tomato sauce left over from last week that I had frozen so I decided to start with that. Then I bought a lentil and bean burger from Capers (Whole Foods) and decided to grill it up (with Faith’s George Forman grill! – Thanks Faith!) topped it with a bit of cheese and avocado slices.

I put it all together and topped it with the tomato sauce and voila:

I know it looks a little odd – but tasted awesome! It had all of the food groups and loaded with nutrients :)

I’m off to do Insanity 2.13 and work on my resume (watch for a post about job searching later tonight) – enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Do you have any tips/suggestions/stories/opinions about job searching and resume writing?


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