Small Appreciations

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are taking the day to do what-ever-you-want (unless you are working)! What am I doing might you ask? Sitting in a coffee shop for the morning/afternoon working on my blog/resume/job applying and re-organizing! Sounds dry I know… but I love this atmosphere and I’m actually excited to get things done.

Before I get ahead of myself I have to admit something. I had a small glass of red wine last night… and it was awesome! I told myself that I would be strict with my food and beverage intake during Insanity 2.0… but even I have to live! And I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it either.

Whew! Ok now that I have that off of my chest, I will quickly show you the food line up from yesterday and get to the main point of my post! Breakfast banana whipped oats with yogurt (ran out of blueberries!)  Lunch was a turkey sandwich and a non-fat vanilla latte (I realized that I’m so used to the bitter taste of black coffee and plain lattes that I couldn’t even drink it… I gave it to Faith lol). I also munched on a small oatmeal and raisin bar before rushing home to tackle Insanity 2. 12 – Cardio Power & Resistance! Faith and I have yet to actually go out to dinner since she’s arrived – so we got ready to head out downtown for dinner and a movie!

Once we got Downtown we decided on a bar and grill close to the theatre called Joey Burrard.

It was beautiful inside – really impressive actually and the hostesses and staff were wonderful :) Faith got a mixed vodka drink and I had a modest but punch-packing (I haven’t had alcohol in weeks people!) glass of Cab/Merlot. Dinner was a wrap for Faith and I huge chicken + strawberries + walnuts + goat cheese + quinoa + greens salad for me.

We had some time to kill before the Source Code started so non-fat latte time it was (I didn’t actually have one yet today because I couldn’t drink it – so I was allowed).

You know you are in a BIG city when the girl who ripped our tickets said “theatre 5 – two floors up and to your right.” TWO FLOORS UP?? Yes folks this cineplex consisted of three levels of theatres – massive escalators and everything! The movie was excellent! Very thought-provoking and attention-grabbing… plus it has Jake Gyllenhaal in it therefore it was hard to take your eyes off the screen (he is a very attractive male after all)!

Even though it was very futuristic, although has some kind of scientific truth to it I’m sure, this movie really made me appreciate my life a lot more after watching it. I don’t want to give anything away so you will have to see it to understand what I mean.

Suggestion of the day: Take a few moments to reflect on your life and realize how lucky you truly are.

Now stop letting the little things bring you down and complaining about how much “your life sucks” and realize you are alive and can accomplish whatever you want with your life. So get up and start something you’ve been putting off! There’s no time like the present people!

On that note, time for me to re-vamp my resume and keep working on my online presence! If I’m going to achieve big things I’ve got to start with the little things!



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3 responses to “Small Appreciations

  1. Janine King

    Great post Amanda! I’ve been following you daily and love to read about your Van-city adventures :) You mentioned that you were working on your resume, which brings me to a question: What format are you using? I’ve been reading some contradictory info lately regarding chrono vs. functional resume format and I’m trying to figure out which is best. One article that I read quoted three out of four hiring managers stating that they absolutely detested functional resumes and many recruiters said they wouldn’t even look at one. WOW! Personally, I find functional works best as a recent grad, since it eliminates a lot of the repetition that would occur using chrono and focuses more on my skills. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hey Janine!
      Thanks for following the blog! :) As for the resume format – I’m SO conflicted as well! I’ve been using my chronologically formatted one, but I feel like I have other skills (aka social media) that I have not had to use for previous jobs – but have extensive knowledge of… so that is why I’ve decided to create more of a CV/functional type resume. In my opinion, having both will be useful because we will be able to judge the position we are applying for and be ready with both types of resumes. Just like you have to cater your cover letter to the position – I think we’ve now moved to the age where you also have to tailor your resume for each specific position as well. Thoughts?

  2. Ben Hatton


    also you should taylor your resi for each job u apply it for. HR peeps know when you print 200 and send them to everyone.. Add some touches that are unique to the place you apply too. Send a note, like a follow up. In the MAIL. be awesome and it will be legit.

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