80/20 Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle (also known as the 80-20 rule) states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

What does this mean? Well the way I’ve compared it to my life goes a little like this:

  • 20% of my day I focus on working out and eating healthy… accounts for 80% of the results I get.
  • 20% of the effort I put into being positive… accounts of 80% of the happiness I experience in my life.
  • 20% of the stuff (possessions and material things) I have… I use 80% of the time. (<- time to get rid of the clutter I don’t use!)
  • 20% of the content I take in on a daily basis… produces 80% of the information I use.
  • 20% of the time I spend… causes 80% of the output I produce. (Normally working in a coffee shop early in the morning is the most productive time of the day for me!)

Make sense? The way I see it is the key to success in life without the stress or constant strive to be perfect 100% of the time… is consciously focusing on 20% of the most important things in your life and not stressing about the rest. Take time to organize your life for an hour and you will see the results in your overall productivity have come mainly from that short hour.

On that note if 80% of the time I eat good clean foods… it’s ok to slip up once and awhile and not have to worry about it effecting everything I’ve been working towards. Life is all about moderation and forgiving yourself for life’s little slip-up.

Today I had a carrot/walnut/cranberry muffin at the coffee shop with my coffee… and I’m totally ok with it.

I was very productive this morning sitting in that coffee shop – as always. Faith came and met me a few hours later and we ventured down to another cafe for lunch and more job searching/blogging etc.

On our journey we spotted this lovely boutique:


 It’s the cupcake girl’s shop in Vancouver!
(It’s a TLC show for those of you who don’t know!)

Faith bought a red velvet cupcake (which is said was AMAZING – the best cupcake she’s ever had) & we bought a caramel and chocolate one for our housemate who’s working her tail off in school this week (Good luck with the presentations Jenya!).

Lunch consisted of this fantastic – chock full of veggies, rice, chicken and cheese – grilled wrap + and apple!

We came home to drop off our laptops and caught the bus downtown so Faith could buy a book from chapters (we LOVE Chapters) and we ended up at Caffè Artigiano on Hornby St. for a latte before heading back home!

The awesome barista (sadly I didn’t catch his name!) let me take a picture of him while he was pouring my latte!

It was so pretty and I caught a really cool shot before I finished it :)

I came home to tackle Insanity 2.9 – Pure Cardio! Then made myself a lovely tofu and veggie stir fry served with a side of salsa and tatziki for dipping.

How can/do you relate the 80/20 principle to aspects of your life? Take a few minutes to think about it. It could put a lot of things into perspective! :)

 Night All!


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