Network, Network, Network!

If you know anything about job hunting, you know the key to landing a great opportunity is not only about who you know…it’s about who they know. Networking is essential when it comes to finding a job in the public relations industry – hands down. By the way, these wise words are spoken mostly for those individuals who already have a decent network of people to network with… and then you have me who landed in this city with z-e-r-o.

So remind me again WHY I decided to fly across the entire country and put my feet in the Pacific (it’s on the ol’ Bucket list!)?

My answer – Why not? Afterall, I have this view only a few blocks from my front door…

 As for the networking? Don’t worry everyone – I’m on it! In case you don’t know me very well, I love to network! I’m all about meeting new people and trading expertise and advice or simply getting a new perspective. I love being around people… which might explain my obsession passion for coffee shops :)

On another note I got up and killed Insanity 2.6 (Plyo Cardio Circuit) this morning! I have to admit, I think this is the workout I despise the very most – which only makes me work harder! After the sweat-a-thon it was time for a quick breakfast of glorious oats:

And then off for coffee with a new friend :)

Since it wasn’t raining (yet) Faith and I decided to venture across town to a cute boutique I follow on facebook called Barefoot Contessa. I saw a picture of a new necklace they got in – and Fell-In-Love (over the internet) and needed to have it! So we hopped on the bus and rushed over in hopes that it was still there… and it was!


If I can step out of the daily report for a moment – I have got to share this inside element into the life of Amanda.

I consider the best moments in my life the unexpected ones that unexpectedly appear and make me stop in my tracks with amazement/awe/appreciation. We found this sign outside of Barefoot Contessa before going in (I’m in love/obsessed with everything Marilyn Monroe  by the way…)

As we continued our walk down Main St. in search of a coffee shop – we fell in love with the patterns pressed into the sidewalk:







We settled on a local Starbucks and I got a yogurt + granola parfait + S. Pellegrino + a pear (<– I brought that with me!). I’m sorry I honestly cannot drink their coffee – no offense to SB lovers! BLEH!

Once the music got to be too much for me (Mexican???) we packed up and headed on home! It was JUST starting to rain as we walked home from the bus so we decided to make fajitas and do some work from home…which resulted in many wasted hours of random laughing :) What else is life for after all?

I felt like it was a productive day all round! After a few scoops of peanut butter and a banana for a snack – we are off to bed! I’ve got to rest up for Insanity 2.7 in the AM!

Stay tuned for a possible update on the job prospect ;)



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One response to “Network, Network, Network!

  1. Elyse Gregor

    Plyo cardio circuit beats max interval circuit.. atleast you dont have to repeat the same thing.. floor switch kicks.. gah :/ Way to go on round 2 though! Dig deeper ;)

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