Ohh Sunshiny Day!

I woke up this morning with the sun shining through my window :)

I was too excited to lay in bed so I was up early making my oatmeal before heading to the coffee shop for newspaper reading and my wonderful morning coffee.


Today we had all agreed to meet up and do a little spring cleaning in the early afternoon so Faith and I got up early to be somewhat productive with our job search. However because it was so nice out and Faith has still just arrived… job search fail. We scurried back to the house to squeeze in a quick lunch before tackling the house with the roommates!

Spinach salad with tomato, goat cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, walnuts and a drizzle of feta oregano dressing + a few Ryvita crackers dipped in light hummus and salsa! Yummm!

Since it was such a nice day Faith and I decided to head downtown to Gastown to explore. It’s SO close to where we are living by bus it’s actually amazing!

After the usual walking and coffee drinking (non-fat plain latte of course!) we headed back to Kits to meet up with our housemates at a local pup called Benny’s Cafe. Don’t worry I only had water and a black tea while they drank beer – why you ask? Because I have extreme self-control! I’m tackling OSD and Insanity round 2 – I want to make the very most of it! I was starving by this point however so I got an avocado melt for a mini-dinner while we chatted.

Thanks for being my photographer Faith :D

I was supposed to do Insanity 2.6 last night (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) but by the time we got back it was after 9pm and I didn’t feel in the mood. Since Sunday (today) is technically my “day off” I decided I’d make Saturday my day off and do it this morning.

One aspect of fitness that I wanted to touch on is that you cannot force it to make it happen. If you really don’t feel like doing something, it’s ok to make slight tweaks in your fitness schedule – just remember to adjust accordingly and stay on track!

On that note time to do Insanity + eat breakfast + meet a friend for coffee! See you soon Melanie!



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4 responses to “Ohh Sunshiny Day!

  1. Nicole Snow

    I have to stop looking at your blog when I’m hungry! Every time you post food it looks so delicious! Beautiful photos guys :)<3

  2. Elyse Gregor

    GIRL! Love the blog! It looks amazing :) Keep it up and I can’t wait to continue following <3 XOX

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