Rainy-day in Vancity!

What do you do when it’s a dreary rainy day and you REALLY want to be outside? You wear appropriate rain-gear, grab your umbrella and explore on foot! Did I mention it’s Cherry Blossom Festival time in Vancouver from March 26th – April 22nd? :)

Credit: Faith Bowyer Photography 

After breakfast Faith and I decided to head down to Granville Island to buy some fresh ingredients to make spaghetti squash for dinner! It was raining but we decided we’d grab umbrellas and see where our feet took us. Even in the rain – Vancouver radiated with beauty!

We shopped and got some fresh and local veggies for cheap and decided to have lunch at one of the healthy food and fresh juice bars. I got a whole wheat pita with 3 types of salads stuffed inside! It was tasty, but I couldn’t eat it in the wrap form – it was TOO MUCH food!

We then decided to hit up a coffee shop (gotta get my coffee in!) and do a little catching up on what we missed while we were out playing in the rain! (Yes, we took a day off from job searching in case you were all wondering.)

We headed home and I had a snack of rice crackers and tzatziki before conquering INSANITY 2.5 – PURE CARDIO! I don’t know about you – but it’s never reassuring when Shaun T. says that HE is NERVOUS about what’s to come. I’m not sure if it was because I knew what to expect from pure cardio or because my fitness has increased substantially since I did round one – but I killed it! I got through it (whereas before I had to take A LOT of breaks) so much easier than I did during round 1!

If I can do it – SO CAN YOU!

While I was doing Insanity, Faith was cooking us dinner (Thanks Faith)! My portion consisted of delicious spaghetti squash on the bottom topped with sautéed veggies, healthy choice tomato sauce and at the last-minute lean turkey breast on top for the added protein punch! Faith’s suggestion! :)

After movie watching + relaxing + bedtime snack (carrots and rice crackers) it’s off to bed! Night!

Psst!t – This random find was the best picture of the day for sure!
(This one’s for you Dad!)



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2 responses to “Rainy-day in Vancity!

  1. Ben Hatton



    5 code Languages

  2. vanessa

    Looking great Amanda! Love reading your blogs! Hope you guys are having fun!
    Love Vanessa xo

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