Keeping On-Track

Thank-you to everyone who left comments on my Lululemon hire-me campaign post! I feel so loved, you are all far too kind!

I feel like everyday for the past while has been a complete blur! I meet new people who are willing to help me on my journey everyday – and most of the time they are people I meet at random! It’s amazing the people and connections you can make when you are positive and confident in what you want. I haven’t heard back from Lululemon thus far. However, I did speak to someone in the HR department who now has my resume and am in contact with another person who might be able to get my resume passed along! All I know is that I’m keeping up my positivity and keeping on track with my goals! (<– That’s my key to success people – If I can do it –!)

I will keep you updated!

Operation Slim-Down (OSD)
 is still on track! Breakfast was the same-ol’-wonderful-same before packing up and heading to a new coffee shop to do some work. This place was Arbutus Coffee (circa early 1900’s I believe!) and was super cute and smelled AMAZING. I actually had to leave because I was going to give in and buy a baked good (which no doubt would have been incredible) and fail at self-control. I won myself over and moved onto the next lovely cafe! :)

I then went boot shopping! I know I should not be shopping for anything because I’m JOBLESS – but honestly my boots that I’ve been wearing now have holes in the sides and the bottoms now = unwearable. Thus the hunt was on – and I found some amazing deals. I got two pairs of boots (both walk-a-ble!) for $80 when full price they would have been $230! Is that a good find or what? 

By this time I was starving and was right next to Choices (or Whole Foods – same chain!) so I went in to get some lunch. I have to admit that the fact that this city has healthy options as take-out at local grocery stores basically makes me want to live here for that reason alone. Halifax needs to step it up! I’ve been following my favourite fitness and food bloggers who live in the USA for a long time now and was always jealous of the fact that they had access to an affordable health-foods grocery store – it makes me smile every time I walk into it knowing that I now can too!

They have this wonderful “hot foods bar” where you can literally put whatever you want in a container or a bowl (take-out or eat-in) and they simply weigh it and that’s how they figure out the cost! It’s amazing and I might become addicted to it… This was my combination today: bean and veggie medley, raw spinach, a spoonful of wheat berries, a few garlic artichokes, 5 cubes of feta, edamame, 5 cubes of sesame tofu and some kale on top! It was delicious and I was so full!

Since I was in the area – I obviously had to have a non-fat latte from 49th Parallel! (Follow them on Twitter – @49thParallel)  They have amazing coffee and it reminds me of TIBS, so for good reason it is my favourite place to get lattes! :)

I then spent the next few hours doing a lot of work trying to email contacts and reached the point that I had enough – it was time to go home! I had a snack and was going to do Insanity 2.3 and then try to make it to 8pm hot yoga but was so tired I had to have a nap. The nap turned into an hour and by the time I finished Cardio Power and Resistance it was past 8pm!

I have to admit that I found it painful to even walk today I am that sore from starting Insanity again. On that note I am going to re-adjust my goals to stick with Insanity first and foremost and incorporate running and yoga into my schedule once my body tells me it’s ready. The key to any fitness program is listening to what your body is telling you!

Late dinner consisted of a spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese, a few walnuts for protein and a few drops of feta oregano dressing! Dessert consisted of an apple with a side of organic PB – YUM!

On an exciting note, my best friend and amazing photographer Faith Bowyer (<– check out her stuff!) is coming to stay with me tomorrow… because she’s MOVING HERE TOO! I’m so excited you have no idea. We’ve been dreaming of this point in our lives since we were in elementary school – watch out Vancouver you’ve got two very ambitious and passionate ladies in your mists!

What do you do to keep yourself on track with your goals?




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5 responses to “Keeping On-Track

  1. Amanda Petrie

    Your meals looked great today! :) And i am jealous that you have those healthy options at grocery stores. That place sounds great! Edmonton sucks. haha
    Good job on completing Insanity 2.3 even though you were sore! :)

    Anddd im super excited for you and faith. And i will admit, a little jealous you guys get to live together again without me ;)

  2. hey, where are you making this amazing connections? coffee shops? see you around at a show.

    • It’s crazy what a nice smile and a “would you mind watching my stuff?” can do for a person! You certainly will! Going to try to make it out tonight if my friend is up for it!

  3. Jacquie Braley

    What exactly are wheat berries….

    Anyway, your food looks delicious and now I feel guilty for eating nibbs as I write this.

    • I was reading one of my favorite blogs one day when I asked the same question!

      According to Wikipedia: the term “wheatberries”

      refers to the entire wheat kernel (except for the hull), comprising the bran, germ, and endosperm.

      Basically it’s a grain that you’d cook like rice but it’s chalk full of all the healthy things you’d get from whole grains! They are nutty and crunchy and make a great addition to salads or as a side dish! I hope this helps :)

      Ps. Swap the nibs for some veggies and hummus – or rice crackers – I know you like those ;)

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