Why Vancovuer?

I woke up this morning thinking that unless you know me personally – I should probably explain WHY I’m in the beautiful city of Vancouver! Once I graduated (yes I’m STILL job searching everyone) I wanted to move to a city that I felt was full of potential for an aspiring PR practitioner as well as being surrounded by like-minded active and healthy people. I realized immediately that city was Vancouver!

I was drawn here with promises of green-grass throughout the cold winter months (like what +0-5 – this place doesn’t know what cold is!), an early spring, a beautiful summer and a community of people whose lifestyle embodies health and fitness without conscious thought. Well I have to admit, I’ve found it. Other than the chance of sudden drizzle and downpour at any time throughout the day, I’ve actually gotten used to carrying an umbrella and having rain gear-attire on me at all times! Crazy for a girl who up until a month ago was used to her own car and wearing heals everyday huh? Honestly, it’s worth it. I feel like myself in this city and I’m excited to get up every morning in search of a wonderful new coffee shop. This city makes me feel inspired to not only do great, but do better than great!

On that note, goal #1 (well it should be where ALL of my efforts are aiming…) is to land a good job! I never realized that looking for THE job, is honestly a full time job. I literally spend 8-9 hours a day searching for positions, cover letter writing, networking, etc. It’s a tough battle when you have a degree but most positions that are worthwhile require 3-5 years experience. People might think I’m crazy for not just “getting a job” to get a job… but that’s not what I want. I want to go out and find a job that suits me – I want the job. I’m not just a worker. I put 110% into my work and I want to work for a company or cause that I truly believe in. I have had more jobs than you c0uld probably imagine (9!) in my life thus far, and let me tell you I’ve experienced more than you could probably imagine for someone of my age. A lot of bad, but a lot of good. I credit those life experiences to how I got to where I am today, and am so grateful that I was put through every single one of them.

So what now might you ask? I’ve been here a month as of tomorrow and honestly I spent the first 2.5 feeling like I was on vacation. While those weeks were amazing and I’m so glad I took the time to explore the west coast… It’s time to focus and figure out how I’m going to land THE job. Last week I was sitting in a coffee shop (shock, I know) and I started chatting with a lady who was knitting… odd situation but this is a prime example of never knowing what doors a simple outing can take you! We started chatting and it turns out that she had a few friends in the communications industry and was going to email them my contact information! So far nothing has come out of it, but the fact that we were both there at the exact time and made a connection gives me hope that I will find something soon! The best thing that came out of that random meeting was the insight she gave me. She told me that years ago her and her husband stumbled upon a book called What color is your parachute? by Richard N. Bolles  and that it provided such good insight that they both applied the methods in this book to land amazing jobs.

So, what did I do? Went out and bought the book of course! I’m 4 chapters in and it’s already helping me realize what I need to do to get that job… details to come! I’m off to do a little job searching, tweeting, and Insanity all before heading out to Langley for a Social Media meet-up! (check out www.meetup.com -trust me!)

Check back for a food and fitness post later today!



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6 responses to “Why Vancovuer?

  1. Good luck, Amanda! Positive vibes are coming your way.

  2. You’ll get there Amanda – love what you do, do what you love and people will get your energy. This is a great City!
    I moved here in 2002 with no job but with three young children! Networking is key and with Social Media in today’s market place it makes for a great canvas to paint yourself on for people to see.
    Let me know if I can help!

  3. I can’t wait to start my adventure in Vancouver with you! 3 sleeps : )

  4. Amanda Petrie

    Love this post :) You will find your dream job in no time, im sure. :)

  5. Hi Amanda!
    So glad to see you have a blog! You Go, Girl! I’m championing you all the way. I know you will find just the right thing for you in balmy Vancouvers, I just know you will.
    No snow?
    Raymonde in sunny, very warm Perth, WA, Aussieland

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