Dig Deep!

The plan is ready to go! Starting tomorrow I will be doing round #2 of Insanity brought to you by Beach Body and the ripped Shaun T!

After making it through round #1 of Insanity last October – November the results I got were amazing… cardio and strength wise, but not so much on dropping the body fat goal (stay tuned for my short and long-term goal post). I know I didn’t follow the food plan as strictly as I should have so this time around I’m about to get ultra serious! When you purchase Insanity, it not only comes with a schedule and all the information – but it also comes with an amazing food guide. The program makes it so fool-proof, there’s no way you can screw it up.. as long as you follow it!

Beginning tomorrow I’m going to follow the plan to a (Shaun) T! But wait – it gets better! I’m also planning on incorporating a few extra workouts to ramp it up this time around. I’m committing myself to also running 3x a week as well as hot yoga opposite days 2x a week! Think I’m crazy yet? :)

So, let’s put this all together! I’m going to start tomorrow with day #1 of the following schedule:

As well as working in the runs and yoga as I feel them. I will probably have to design an integrated schedule to make sure I stick to all fitness aspects! As far as the food guide goes – well I have all the meals written out on trusty cue cards so I can have them in the kitchen and on the go to make sure I know what I can eat and how much.

So what do you think? Think I can do all of this while continuing to blog while continuing to search for a job? (<– that should be the MOST IMPORTANT thing at the moment!) Only time will tell – but now since I’ve told my intentions out to the world I’m accountable and there’s no turning back! On that note, this girl is EXHAUSTED and needs to hit the hay.

See you tomorrow for Day #1 – the fit test! :)


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