Happy Friday!

I had a revelation today. Why do I keep telling myself that I need to make my blog look good before I actually start blogging? Then I realized – I don’t! I might as well start typing away to get some kind of content in order to get my concept for this blog up and going. (If you so happen to be reading this – don’t worry, I promise it will look better soon!)

The reason I’ve decided to start blogging (no idea why it’s taken me so long – sorry friends!) is to be accountable for my actions. I fully believe that you must set continuous goals, whether they be daily, weekly, monthly, long-term (all of the above!) because how can you feel like you have accomplished something if you don’t ever reach that “something?” Get what I’m saying?

So, on that note the goals I have right now will be discussed in further detail – but my ongoing goal is, as always to be healthy. (For those of you who don’t know me please check the about me section for my story in due time!) I plan to sit down and actually write out my goals and post them in order for everyone to follow what they are and how I’m going to achieve them. Hopefully, if you are like me and need a little inspiration, you might take it as a challenge with yourself to achieve your own goals – whatever they may be! Basically, I just wanted to make sure I note that I went to a Karma class tonight at Moksha yoga – and it was fantastic! I think I’m going to set myself up to do the 30-day yoga challenge… hot style :)

Details to come.. Keep your heads up! This girl is off to sleep so I can get up and drink some wonderful coffee in coffee shop… oh yeah, you should probably know now – I’m addicted to coffee and I love it :)



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4 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. M

    I cannot wait to read about all of your adventures, and most importantly read about all of your goals, goal setting, and most importantly goal achieving! You my dear are a great person doing great things : )
    – Mo

  2. Alicia Gilmore

    this is awesome! keep it up my dear, i know you can do it.

  3. I too was stuck up on the “pretty” thing before I could release my blog into the public. Finally, I asked a friend (who I knew who hold me accountable) that I wanted to have my blog up and running by a Monday- and if I didn’t she could harass me all she wanted ( I hate nagging so I knew this would work for me). So congrats to us for doing it:)

    I’ve been doing a crappy job at setting smart goals and following through the past couple of months and like you I hope that blogging will help hold me accountable.

    Good luck with the job hunt!

    • Hey Sarah!
      I completely agree – you need to set goals and hold yourself accountable! It took me awhile to get mine up as well (months and months of talking about it!) because I didn’t know exactly WHAT I wanted to talk about… but I figure it’ll take shape as it goes – so far so good! :)

      Good job on getting yours up as well :) Just stick with it – you’ll stay accountable I know it!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes – and keep following if you need some inspiration! :)

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